On Entrepreneurship

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Here are the things I quickly covered in the 15-minte slot I had at the opening event of FemGems in October 2020.

How did you get into entrepreneurship

I am born to be an entrepreneur. It is the only occupation that quiets the voice in my head shouting You can do better!. My advice to you - find that thing that quiets your voice.

In pratical terms, when I was little and my paretns asked me Who do you want to be when you gro up, I said - I want to be a businesswoman. Then, when at Uni, I took 1 entrepreneurship course during my final year of my bachelor degree. Honestly speaking, I needed the credits - and the schedule of this course fit my schedule perfectly. But that course ended up being the push that gave me the confidence, and some of the knowledge, I needed to start my own business.

Fast forward 8 years in the future, after a master degree and a couple of corporate jobs, I was not feeling happy. I changed countries and decided I will start a women in tech meetup. I did not start a women in tech meetup. I was invited to join the organizers of another meetup which was about to start - a data science meetup. This was great as I was not a solo organizer, which helps a lot, and I thought and still think that data science is much more exciting than tech in general. So I ended up starting a meetup - just a slightly differen one. Then I founded my first startup - it failed. Then I started my consulting agency and after it - I founded my second startup.

What I am most excited about is that with every new project in my life, I learn how to dream bigger and bigger. Now I am curious to see how high I can go :)

What barriers have you overcome

Oh, many … and I am sure that I have faced only the tip of the iceberg of what lies ahead. Oh boy…

What have you learned from your journey that you want to share with aspiring entrepreneurs

Why are you mentoring at femgems club

I have passed through a very difficult time for my startup last year. If you are curious what happened exactly, read my 4-series blog posts about this story here.

At some point, the weight of the problem became so unbearable for me that I had to ask for help. And help was offered - in a kind, empathic and productive way. I am so grateful to the amazing individuals who were next to me during the difficult times I had to face with my startup. I want to pass this forward - and offer this kind of support to other at the time of their need.

Curiosuly as I reach out to more and more people, more people reach out to me. More people listen to me and hear about my challenges - and some deepen the connection by offerings ideas and solutions. Thank you :)

At the end, helping others also seems to be helpign me - which is a nice unexpected bonus.