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Fall 2020

Startup Mentor at the Founder Institute Luxembourg. See the list of all mentors here.

20 October 2020

Impact Mentor at F-Lane

Vodafone F-lane is a startup accelerator targetted at entrepreneurs that use technology to empower women worldwide.

Here are all the 10 startups from the Fall 2020 Cohort.

This acceleration program is powered by Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications & YUNUS Social Business.

F-Lane Impact Mentor

October-November 2020

Judge on a HealthTech Challenge

I am one of the 10 Judges of the #BuildBackBetter Challenge in HeathTech and Digital Health powered by Women in Global Health and the Novartis Foundation.

Gender inequities in global health security are undermining the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the achievement of health for all. Strong health systems that can withstand the next global health crisis must be built on equality, and gender equality is fundamental. Strong health systems harness the best possible talent, expertise and diverse perspectives in decision making. Currently, women are the vast majority of health and social care workers but largely excluded from decision making, to the detriment of everybody’s health.

Women in Digital Health and AI Judge

September 2020 - Ongoing

Mentor at Terra.do

About mentoring

I am one of the +40 individuals across the world who have the privilege to mentor the 2nd cohort of Terra.do on topics such as investment, technology, marketing/design, and entrepreneurship. The 2nd cohort consists of 59 professionals from 8 different countries.

About Terra.do

We’re an online climate school aiming to solve #climatechange. Terra.do selects talented individuals who care deeply about climate, take them through an intensive 12-week online bootcamp taught by top experts and then get them to work with high-impact climate projects or organizations that can leverage their skills.

September 2020 - Ongoing

Mentor at Femgems Club

About mentoring

providing mentorship to entrepreneurs in the areas of #socialimpact, #hiring, #productdevelopment and #innovation

About FemGems Club

FemGems Club is a result-driven support system for early stage female founders