I in 3 paragraphs

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I recently needed to send a 3-paragraph bio of mine to WAIROE - the WAI award for Women in AI Heroes. This is what I wrote:

Hi, my name is Katia (short of Ekaterina). I am a serial impact entrepreneur, and a female space tech founder.

I am a swiss-army knife, and in 2019 I was the only woman in Portugal who lead and implemented a space tech project. I have extensive expertise in Machine Learning (9+ years of data science), Python (8+ years) and Satellite Image Analysis (2+ years). I have experience in managing medium-sized teams, leading tech communities of +1000 members and mentoring impact & tech entrepreneurs. 0 to MVP in a sprint. As a young girl, I received a lot of encouragement to develop my skills in STEM. This lead me to become a data science and AI expert. Intrinsically, I am driven to use my skill to create impact in the world - that is to say: my work should introduce tangible and measurable improvements to either the life of people or the environment. This is why 5 years ago I chose to use my professional skills to work on solutions to global social and environmental problems. This was one of the best decisions taken in my life and it is something that brings a lot of fulfillment.

My goal for the next 30 years is to become the next Marie Curie. I win 2 Nobel Prizes - one in economics, and one in Peace, while doing inspiring futuristic work similar to Elon Musk’s Neuralink.

Read more about me here: http://katstam.com/about/