How I walked away from € 152 500 Part 4

This is what happened to my startup project in its first 2 years of existence.

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This is a four-part story, with links to each part here:

  1. Dream
  2. Success
  3. Horror
  4. Drive and Thank you

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# Drive

I find myself unable to stop thinking on how to develop this project into a sustainable impact business. I have spent hours contemplating leaving the project for the short-term gain of income and not worrying those who love. Yet, this is not the right decision for me and I am certain of it. I will give beyond my best to make helping mitigating wildfires on a global level work, and work in 2020. This decision is what really brings peace to me, and I will channel this calm to making it happen, with a little help from my friends.

# Silver Lining

I accept the roallercoaster of the last two year as a valuable business lesson which showed me paths that do not lead to success. I am positive that this lesson will only help me in the future to build, grow and expand impact businesses.

In hindsight, the horror story I described just now pales in comparison to some other business stories I came to know about.

# Thank you

I would like to extend a “Thank you” to all people involved in this story for allowing me to learn and grow as a person. Now let’s go do some awesome work.

I am extremely grateful to those who were with me during the hard times in Q4 of 2019 and he beginning of 2020. Thank you for listening to me, for reaching ou a helping hand, for conversing with me, for keeping me together, for your kind words and hugs, for advising and warning me, for sharing other horrific startup stories with me, for texting me to see if everything is okay - but most importantly - for answeing your phone.