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How to design your startup logo for the first time

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🎨 💻 It so happens that sometimes a startup does not have the cash to hire a designer to create their logo, but the startup still need to have a logo.

Here is what I suggest you do instead of waiting for months until the cash is available - make it yourself💡. It is true that it is not going to be amazing however you will have your logo now :). Let’s dive in ⬇️


  1. Canva
  2. Convert


Design anything on Canva. You dcan create a free accounbt if you don’t already have one. Choose to create a design with custom dimensions

Canva Custome Dimensions

⬆️ Image Credit - https://designtlc.com

The we make our design, and download it as a transparent PNG file. I will title mine my_new_logo.png. Voila - our new visual logo is ready.


We now have our new logo but it is not in vector format - e.g. a SVG file. Let’s make this happen.

Install Imagemagic on any Linux system - for Mac and Ubuntu, for example. ❗ This will not work on Windows.

Navigate to the folder in which mine my_new_logo.png is and execute this command in the terminal:

convert mine my_new_logo.png mine my_new_logo.svg

It takes the transparent PNG file and converts it to a SVG file. Now we have our new logo in vector format which we can send to our investors, supporters, the media and any conferences we attend.