Ekaterina Stambolieva

Who I am

Hi, my name is Ekaterina Stambolieva and people call me Katia. At the age of 30 I achieved my childhood dream to become a business woman. My goal for the next 30 years is to become the next Marie Curie. I win 2 Nobel Prizes - one in economics, and one in Peace.

I am a serial impact entrepreneur, and a female space tech founder.

Drop me a message at estambolieva (at) gmail (dot) com.

I am a swiss-army knife, and in 2019 I was the only woman in Portugal who lead and implemented a space tech project. I have extensive expertise in Machine Learning (9+ years of data science), Python (8+ years) and Satellite Image Analysis (2+ years). CTO & Co-founder of a space tech startup with experience in managing medium-sized teams. 0 to MVP in a sprint.

My works in the media

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My speaking engagements

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My mentoring engagements

Recently I took the leap of becoming a mentor to aspiring individuals who run their businesses OR make transitions onto climate change jobs. Read more about where I mentor here.


I lead a Data Science meeting which has more than 1000 members.

Data Science and Machine Learning

I usually code in Python, shell script and javascirpt - and use libraries such as skicit-learn, PyTorch, Keras, TensorFlow, XGBoost, nltk, pandas, numpy, matplotlib, D3.js, seaborn, scrapy, opencv, rasterio, among others.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

I have a MSc. in A.I., speciallizing in Natural Language Processing - which is the branch of A.I. that works with written text. I have worked on many different projects in this field, including Information extraction, machine translation, sentiment analysis, text categorization and classification.

Machine Translation

I worked on machine translation for 4 years - both at the European Parliament and at a private company in Luxemborug. I have developed the ML algorithms themselves, collected and prepared data and trained the translation systems. Machine Translation requires some knowledge of linguistics and natural languages.

Data Visualization

I have worked on several data visualization projects - and I have used technologies such as D3.js, matplotlib, seaborn and Tableau. I build both simple and interactive visualizations, some of which are on top of maps. I worked on visualizing homelessness in England, and developing a visual tool for an NGO, which helps distribute resources evenly across the country. I helped an Indian startup visualize all electronics recycling stations near Bangalore.

I understand well real-life data collection and cleaning, data preparation for data analysis and machine learning. I know the inner workings of machine learning algorithms, and based on this - I know how to choose the best algorithms for each specific task.

Full Stack and DevOps

I have served as a CTO of this space tech company - and I have also hired employees and consultants to do work for us.


The most recent example is automating the insertion of data into Hubspot CRM. This is all done programmatically and has saves many hour of manual work to my clients’ sales teams.

RESTful API Development

I use swagger with a Flask server to do this. Swagger for Python works with swagger 2.0 standard as openapi 3.0 is not supported by Python Flask yet. I love swagger because of the beautiful API doc which it provides. I use AWS Elastic Beanstalk to put the APIs in production.


I was responsible for infrastructure as well - running AWS Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, S3, and RDS (Amazon Relational Database Service). I use terraform (Code as Infrastcuture) to create, maintain and destroy this cloud infrastructure.

Database Development

The database I have most experience with is Postgresql, which I love because of its excellent performance in production. I have designed db schemas, crated databases based on these schemas with customer data types, written code to automatically and very quickly write to the database. I have created API endpoints to read data from the database and pass it to web applications. I have deployed databases in production - most recently using terraform to create an AWS RDS.

Front End

I mainly use React JS with Leaflet when there is a need for map visualizations.

Back End

I mainly code back end in Python.

I write clean, quick-to-execute and well-documented code.